Teacher Noble is from New York City, originally, and attained his B.A. as well as TEFL and TESOL in Washington State. With over 20 years teaching experience of all ages and types, the instructor’s philosophical and psychological focus makes him a great Emotional Intelligence specialist. Teacher Noble’s past four years working as an instructor in Hong Kong have garnered him a loyal following amongst parents and students alike.


Teacher Zhang majored in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (TCFL) and has taught Mandarin Chinese to children and adults for many years. She has taught numerous students at the Confucius Institute previously. Regardless of difficulty, Teacher Zhang simplifies the language for all students so they could learn Mandarin in a clear and straightforward manner. Teacher Zhang pays close attention to cross-cultural teaching and communicative skills to enable students to interact with others from different cultural backgrounds. Advocating fun in education, she hopes that learning languages can help students open another door to know the world.

Charles CHAN (Teacher Chuck)

Teacher Chuck is a professional Musician/Artist who also has years of teaching experience in Music, Art and English. He received his Music Profession specifically in Live Sound and Studio Recording and taught multiple disciplines to children and adults. With a strong emphasis on creativity and emotional intelligence, Teacher Chuck helps students to build a stronger connection and understanding with themselves and the subject that they are delving into.


Teacher Hannah is a multimedia, hip hop artist and world traveler. Traversing ancient civilizations throughout the world, she found art to be the perfect conduit for teaching integrative learning. She holds a B.A. degree in Consciousness Studies, an interdisciplinary branch of psychology, and is an accredited TEFL/TOEFL instructor. She has been teaching young learners multiple disciplines for four years in Hong Kong. Her passion is to build student’s confidence through creative expression, empowering the enfoldment of self discovery.


Teacher Kathy


Teacher Rawinder is British-Indian. She has been educated in both Hong Kong and England. She is a firm believer in life long learning and as such, is currently doing a Bachelors in English Language Studies. As she spent her childhood in Hong Kong, she has a very good understanding of the life of students here. She has been working with children for the past 12 years and has worked with many different organisations in Hong Kong, including language institutes, local schools and international schools. She has taught Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary students as well as adults. Rawinder has a lot of experience with IB schools, which provide concept based learning for students. She believes that every child is unique and that they all learn in different ways and uses this philosophy to give each child what they need to succeed.