Principal’s Welcome

As an experienced educator and a mother, I believe that the most important aspect in education is to allow children to grow up happily and healthily. That said, in a dynamic and competitive city like Hong Kong, parents are constantly pressurised by society, family, friends and schools to provide academic support and assistance for their children, but these good intentions may sometimes backfire and cause children to suffer psychologically and academically.

Our programme focuses on language development as language and speech takes a crucial role in life, not only academically but also socially and psychologically.

Maintaining a good parent-school partnership not only allows for better communication, but also benefits children’s learning. We arrange regular parent-teacher meetings for parents to better understand their child’s learning progress and provide professional advice and assistance.

My biggest motivation to continue striving for high quality early childhood education is seeing my students improve and being admitted into their preferred schools, and receiving appreciation from pleased parents.

After all, I simply wish that all children live a happy, healthy and prosperous life.

Monica Ho


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