Creative Writing Programme :
Our creative writing class differs from the phonics programme in that students should already have a grasp on the basics of reading and writing by this point. Students will need to be able comprehend more advanced terminology and concepts such as SIMILE, METAPHORE, ALLITERATION and ALLEGORY. For younger students, simple rhyme and verse can suffice to get their imaginations reeling with the endless possibilities of creative writing! The instructors will also use poetry and fictional short stories, both reading and writing, as literary sparks for the student's own imagination. For the most advanced students, instructors will introduce MORALS, ETHICS such as are read in Aesop's Fables), and general PHILOSOPHY aimed at teaching not WHAT to think, but HOW to think!

No child should be permitted to grow up without exercise for imagination. It enriches life... It makes things wonderful and beautiful.     -- Mark Twain

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