We would like to show our great appreciation to your principal, Mrs. Monica Law. Both our daughters, Annabelle Hui-Ting LAU and Isabelle Hui-Yin LAU have been attending play group activities since 2011. We find most of the play group instructors are well qualified and with good patience and kind attitude to students and of course to our daughters. Your student officers and the administrative support staff are also very polite and cheerful which make the learning experiences of our daughters a cheerful and memorable time during their early childhood. As parents, we also can feel the great enthusiasm of your staff every week we come to your center.

Most importantly, we want to express our appreciation for the ongoing support and professional opinion given by Mrs. Monica Law where she has always been insightful, helpful, practical, considerate and cheerful in offering advice to us on the learning needs of our daughters. During the period of time when we were undergoing the kindergarten application process of our daughters since the summer of 2013, Mrs. Monica Law has been providing us with timely and professional advice on choosing suitable kindergartens according to our parenting styles, education preferences, short-term and long-term studying goals for our daughters, and also potential chances of being accepted by various kindergartens, etc. Therefore, we can make well-informed decisions on submitting applications to various kindergartens. Last summer, our daughters have been accepted into the International Christian School. This wonderful result should be largely attributed by Mrs. Monica Law's valuable testimonials to ICS for our daughters. Hence, we really want to show our wholehearted appreciation to Mrs. Monica Law for her invaluable assistance throughout the application process.

Meanwhile, we hope that Mrs. Monica Law can continue to give her professional advice to help more students in the coming future.

Yours faithfully

Ms Julie HC Chow and

Dr. Richard KC Lau, Reg.Clin.Psych.(HK), Associate Fellow of HKPS