About us

Bilingual education aims at providing a quality, innovative and motivating bilingual environment for toddlers and children. Language development is undoubtedly one of the most important and vital aspects of early childhood education. Our curriculum focuses on developing children into English-Putonghua bilinguals and is designed to cater to different learning needs at the stages of language development. Aimed at developing children into global citizens, we not only teach the language, but hope to encourage children to use language as a medium of expression and enhance their socio-cultural awareness. Through bilingual learning, children will be fully equipped with academic and life skills that will allow them to excel.

Children Language Development Association
Children Language Development Association (CLDA) truly believes that all children should have equal rights and opportunities in learning. In terms of language development, it is recommended that children build a solid foundation at an early stage to help with future growth and exposure. CLDA aims at helping those in need and provides the most suited environment for children to develop language skills. Parents take a very important role in children’s language development, however, there is only so much parents can do to help their children, the support from schools and teachers are crucial for further language development academically. CLDA maintains a good parents-teacher relationship by providing guidance and consultation on students’ performance and learning progress.