How are classes conducted?

Class structures depend on the program. Please see program description Program.

What is the class size?

Our teacher to student ratio is around 1 teacher:4-6 students.

Why is bilingual learning important?

Bilingualism actually has lots of benefits that might not be commonly known. In addition to the obvious advantage bilinguals have over monolinguals in future successes in job opportunities, bilingualism actually brings advantage to cognitive development, critical thinking, socio-cultural awareness and much more. Being proficient in more than one language is like providing another perspective to make sense of the world. Click here to learn more about bilingualism.

When is a good age to start developing bilingual learning?

The earlier the better. Language proficiency is related to the level of exposure to the language and the frequency at which a language is spoken. Research had also suggested that the age of exposure to a second language affects the level of proficiency in the bilingualism in children. The earlier the introduction of L2, the more likely individuals are able to reach bilingualism.

Will my child get confused between languages?

Children who are in bilingual environments take hearing two languages as a normal scenario. By the age of 2, bilingual children already know the complex rules to each language and are able to switch between languages depending on the person they talk to. Moreover, it may be commonly observed in bilinguals where they would mix two languages within a sentence or phrase, also called code mixing or code switching. This was thought to be a results of confusion but it is actually a full portrayal of bilingualism. This is actually a sign to show that one is proficient in both languages. Contrary to common belief, it is actually a linguistic tool and a logical process. Bilinguals conscious use the sentential structure and grammar form of one language and input words or phrases from another language.

Will there be a language delay as a result of bilingual learning?

No. Bilingualism should not be seen as a reason behind language delay. Even though this was a common view before, it is actually no longer an accepted view. Language/speech development in bilingual individuals should be seen the same way as monolingual individuals. It had been found that the speech development variance amongst bilingual individuals is actually comparable, if not smaller, than the variance of speech development amongst monolinguals. This suggests that speech development varies amongst the individual and not confined to bilinguals. If speech delay is really observed, parents should seek professional advice from doctors, speech-language practitioners and other professionals

What are the programs your centre offers?

We offer two main programs, namely, ME Programme and the Cx Programme. We also offer Science Programme, EQ Programme, Phonics Programme, Creative Writing, One-on-one classes.... For more information, please see (link).

How long are the classes?

Classes are 90 minutes long.

How will I know my child’s progress?

Every student that comes to Bilingual Education will be given a folder when they first join. This folder is to store objectives and worksheets for each class. After every month, teachers will fill in an student report form, giving feedback on students’ progress and also provide comments. Parent can refer to the students report and talk to the teacher when desired.

How many levels are there?

In the ME program, there are 6 main levels: Pioneer, Explorer 1, Explorer 2, Explorer 3, Globetrotter 1 and Globetrotter 2. However as progress or ability may still vary within the levels, students are places into either class A or class B of that level. These classes are fine-tuned to students’ ability. Students who meet the learning objectives of the class after a semester will be advised to progress onto the next class or level.The Cx program, on the other hand, only has 5 levels: Cx Trainee 1, Cx Trainee 2, Cx Scholar 1, Cx Scholar 2 and Cx Scholar 3.

Will Chinese be taught in traditional or simplified Chinese?

All Chinese materials and classes will be taught in traditional Chinese.

What are some safety regulations at your centre?

CCTV security system is set up around the centre to ensure.