M.E. Programme:
The M.E. Programme is a Content and Language Integrated Learning programme, based on language learning through interactive, theme-based activities and play. We promote learning in both English and Putonghua so students are encouraged to participate in two classes, one in each language. This not only reinforces knowledge learnt to create stronger memories, it also allows students to explore and become sensitive to the differences between each language, to have a broader scope of knowledge, and to become more internationally minded.

Age Range:
0 – 6 years

Main Objectives:
  • For students to become familiar with reading, writing, speaking and listening in English and/or Mandarin
  • For students to broaden their understanding of the world around them
  • To provide a context where students can communicate effectively in the given language

Pioneer (0—1 years old)
This is an exploratory stage where students try different sensory activities and are exposed to the language. Toddlers are still unable to speak at this stage, class is focused more on physical activities, imitation and observation. Teachers use physical objects, body language and verbal cues to aid instruction.

Learning Objectives:
  • Familiarisation with language
  • Explore different senses, making relationships with language
  • Explore the body and space around us
  • Experiment and practice vocalization
  • Develop routine
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Explorer (1 – 3 years old)

This is a very critical period where toddlers are fast learners. This is the stage where they start to walk and speak, so they are extremely curious of the environment and are always motivated to make sense of it. This stage is focused on increasing vocabulary base, encouraging verbal expression of thought and sensitivity to reading letters. Articulation and speech exercises are incorporated into each lesson to allow students to exercise their vocal organs and to promote more accurate pronunciation.

Learning Objectives:

Level 1
  • Build up social relationships with others (teacher and peers)
  • Understanding of the body
  • Practice to verbalize desires in simple phrases
  • Develop manners

Level 2
  • Introducing the cause and effect relationship to events
  • Encourage students to ask questions
  • Learn more daily nouns, verbs and adjectives
  • Familiarize with alphabets
  • Practice correctly holding a pencil
  • Encourage social interaction (playing together)

Level 3
  • Learn basic concepts, opposites and differences
  • Answering questions in full, well thought out answers
  • Describe objects or events
  • Use different pronouns
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Globetrotter (4 – 6 years old)

At this stage, students should already develop a good foundation of language and have a solid vocabulary base. This stage focuses on extending on their language ability and focus more on practical language learning. Phonics and Pinyin are taught at this stage to aid students’ reading and writing skills. In Putonghua, correct stokes will also be taught. Incorporating grammar into class activity is also a main focus. As students are already proficient, learning is extended into learning about more abstract concepts.

Learning Objectives:

Level 1
  • Practice sight reading
  • Familiarize the pairing of sounds and the written letters
  • Describe and tell stories in detail
  • Learn the phonics and to use it to aid spelling

Level 2
  • Learn the irregular phonological rules in English
  • Conduct class discussions, while contributing a structured opinion
  • Learn more abstract concepts without physical aid
  • Learn synonyms to further expand vocabulary

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