Supplementary Classes

In addition to the Bilingual and Communication programmes, we provide supplementary classes that accommodate to student’s specific needs.

Art & Craft x Speech Development

This hands on course provides children an opportunity to express and find out more about themselves through completing various creative art projects that were carefully created. This course helps your children nurture positive environment within and around themselves.

Course Objectives:

  • Explore different art forms and find out their preferences in expression;
  • Practice thinking outside the box which will enrich their creativity;
  • Encourage students to become socially and environmentally aware, teaching children to reuse different objects and turn them into useful things or beautiful artworks.
Music x Speech Development

Music is a language that is universal and this form of communication can also be a form of healing and therapy as music can promote self expression, communication, self confidence, relaxation, and happiness. These tailored class is fun, relaxing and motivating!

Course Objectives: