To Whom It May Concern:

Re: Testimonial for Ms. Monica Ho

It gives me great pleasure to write a testimonial for Ms. Monica Ho. She is the consultant for my boy since 2012.

I have been meeting Ms. Ho formally in a review session every alternative month to discuss the progress of my boy, and I have met her almost every week informally outside the classroom during break tem, in which she interacted with children and implicitly observed every kid’s behavior.

It impressed that Ms. Ho has only paid attention to my boy’s academic progress inside the class, she also gave me a lot of valuable advice to the emotional development of my boy. She demonstrated a board spectrum of understanding and knowledge to children behavioral and psychological development. Most of all, she is more than willing to share those observations and advice with parents. I remember once when my boy had irregular emotional problems in classroom, before I raised my concern and request, she already reviewed the CCTV videos of the class and investigated into this matter and offered me advice. These all well-exceeded my expectation of a consultant role.

Academically, she also seamlessly assisted me in deciding which schools to apply, preparing for interview i.e. how to tackle specific school’s selection criteria and at the end, deciding which school to join. Ms. Ho has expertise in not only the interview process and nature of different schools, but also in dealing with dilemmas and misunderstanding that parents commonly have.

I am truly grateful to have Ms. Ho by my side along the way in my boy’s education and development. She contributed a lot in helping me to get offers successfully from the top 2 school (St. Catherine’s and Victoria) I targeted for my boy. Given her expertise and her excellent relationships with parents, I firmly believe that she would be a great asset to any education institution she joins.


Mak, Yu Chuen Rachel